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Thanks for your post. As a woman that now has grown children (one married and one engaged), there is definitely a different vibe. Yes, there are things to "be concerned about", but I decided to go on a solo vacation across the country, and not having to plan for everyone else? Liberating and also a bit terrifying. What do I WANT to do? Shouldn't I be outside, enjoying nature, getting exercise? Since I'm by myself the local diner sat me at the counter and I realized I've never sat at the counter before. Huh....a new experience all around.

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I had coffee with Mel yesterday and she so gently rephrased my use of 'should' and I've been holding onto that since we met. Then I saw your post and it's clear that dirty words are so different than I ever thought them to be.

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I feel like I try to tell my husband this. Even his mom who worked as a teacher did all this bc his dad was superintendent plus owned a farm. So she ran their schedules and sports and and...

I have the added burden of medical appts for my son and his asthma and dental appts in the city and kids OT etc. Hubby asked why I hadn't taken our fake tree that stopped lighting end of the holidays an hour plus away to drop off off yet. U should have because you're here all day and....

I've been so exhausted post parent caretaking and loss on TOP OF all the things that it got left until kids started their first year of full day school at the same time and place. Ages 6 and 8 and ones a hurricane.

While we can live our kids abs being a mom i feel I suck at being a friend and being a presence for anything else. There's only so much real estate and we have nobody helping us. His parents are retired and spend it traveling and going elsewhere. Anywhere but to see their kids and grandkids. It's a thing.

But I also see grandparents who take care of kids all day while parents work or watch them til after dinner every weeknight. They are also carrying the load (mostly grandmas).

So does it ever end?

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Thank you Sarah

So true

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